Headlight Restoration


Luxe Auto Spa offers right solution for headlight restoration. Not just we restore car head lights brand new condition but also provide protection solution for longer time.

Oxidation Removal: When the UV coating on your headlights wears down over the years, that yellow, cloudy, foggy appearance you see is oxidation. Luxe Headlight restoration system removes the oxidation from your headlights allowing your lights to shine brighter and provide more safety when you drive.

Luxe Headlight restoration system creates a protective layer over your headlights and protects it from sand pitting, and avoids oxidation and yellowing as a result of prolonged exposure to damaging UV rays.


Estimated Time: 1 hour.

Cost: Rs. 2000.

Package includes:

  • Soft pH-neutral car soap wash with filtered water.
  • Hand-dried using microfiber based specialized water absorbents without scratching the paint.
  • Exterior wax.
  • Quick interior vacuum cleaning and interior dressing.
  • Tires and wheel wells cleaned with pressurized water and soap.
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned with glass cleaner.
  • Tires cleaned and conditioned with water based tire gel.

Estimated Time: 1 hour.

Cost :

Small Hatch: Rs. 1,500.

Sedan: Rs. 2,000.

SUV / Luxury: Rs. 2,500.

Engine Bay Detailing

One of the most neglected car care aspects in maintaining your vehicle is the engine bay. Having a dirty engine bay increase the risk of the dirt being inhaled the car’s intake.

At Luxe Auto Spa, we have the world’s most professional tools to restore your car’s engine bay to a very clean, fresh and in showroom finish. We at luxe ensure to remove deep oil deposits, grime and grease accumulated by the time, protecting the engine for longer life.

Package Includes:

  • Clean engine compartment with dedicated degreaser / detergents to remove grease, oil stains and dirt.
  • Steam wash all parts and portions of the engine bay
  • High pressure compressed air to dry engine bay.
  • Nourishing engine compartment to every reachable inch for restoring lost shine.


Estimated Time:  4 – 8 Hours depending upon size and condition of Engine bay.


Starting from Rs. 3,000.